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Isoparaffinic Solvents

Aromatics & Hydrocarbons

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Isoparaffinic Solvents are very pure and contain barely any odour or toxins. They are chemically derived from hydrocarbon liquids. They are famous for their selective solvency, low freezing point, low boiling point and unity with many stow materials. Isoparaffinic Solvents are available in many evaporation rates, and some of their usages include Resins and Alkyd paints, hand soap, aerosols and odourless thinners.

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Isotank, Roadtank, Drums, IBC’s

Isoparaffinische oplosmiddelen / Disolventes isoparafínicos / Solvants isoparaffiniques / Solventes Isoparafínicos / Isoparaffinische lösungsmittel



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