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Heat Transfer Fluid / Coolants

Together with our partners, Rebain International (NL) is offering various types of heat transfer fluids / coolants. We are offering glycol based coolants based on Mono Ethylene Glycol (MEG) and Mono Propylene Glycol (MPG). The applications for our heat transfer fluids or so called thermal transfer fluid are numerous: Some examples are: breweries, data centers, solar panels, climate control systems, cold storage facilities, geothermal energy systems, heat pumps, solar water heating systems etc.

The idea is to optimize the system efficiency and prolong the operational lift of the overall system. When choosing a fluid there are a range of factors to consider, being: temperature range, pH level, corrosion risk, toxicity, evaporation, viscosity, expense, evaporation, bio-fouling, inhibitors, disposal, thermal properties, compatibility, electric conductivity, density, and flammability. Based on your application we can determine the right fluid and advise you with right proportions via our mixing guide.

Our product mixtures are readily biodegradable (90% over ten days) and will not remain in the environment or bio-accumulate. 

Packaging for our products are:

Bulk - Roadtank

IBC's - 1000L

HDPE drum - 200L

Polycans - 25L

Bag in box - 20l


Please contact us for the product specifications and MSDS.

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