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Dry cleaning chemicals

Our dry cleaning division is focused on serving our 

customers in the dry cleaning industry. In this fast-changing industry we are continuously working on improving our service and products to maintain our business. 

Our solvents has been approved for usage by various manufacturers of professional dry cleaning machines like Union, BÖWE Textile Cleaning and Renzacci S.p.A.

We are commercializing the following two dry cleaning 


Perchloroethylene 99,9% (Tetrachloroethene, PCE)​

Our PCE dry cleaning grade is being used in PERC cleaing machines worldwide. We are able to offer this 

product in bulk, 300kgs, 330kgs drums and 25kgs polycans. Labelling can be done according to specific 

customers requirements.

Hydrocarbon solvent dry cleaning grade

Rebain is also commercializing an hydrocarbon solvent dry cleaning grade suitable for the hydrocarbons machinery. Being easily biodegradable (> 80% according to OECD 301F method), its solvency power enable to dissolve all organic content, such as food, oil and greases, paints, stains. 

Furthermore we are commercializing the following list of 

chemicals for the dry cleaning industry:

Acetic acid 80 % textile grade

Citric acid

Formic acid

Hydrogen peroxide

DIVISIONS: dry cleaning chemicals
Shirts waiting for chemical dry cleaning
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