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Di Ethylene Glycol (DEG)


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DEG, or Diethylene Glycol, is an organic compound commonly used as a solvent and a chemical intermediate in various industries. With its versatile properties, DEG finds applications in multiple fields. It is primarily utilized as a solvent in the manufacturing of products such as adhesives, dyes, and inks. DEG is also a vital component in the production of polyester resins, which are used in the manufacture of fibers, films, and bottles. Additionally, it serves as a coolant in automotive antifreeze formulations and is employed in the pharmaceutical industry as a solvent for medications and as a humectant in personal care products. Its wide range of applications makes DEG an essential ingredient in numerous industries.

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Isotank, Flexitank, Roadtank, Steel and HDPE drums (225-235kgs), IBC’s (1000-1100kgs)



Diethyleenglycol / Dietilenglicol / Diethylene glycol / Diethylenglycol



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