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Bio-based chemicals

This division is focusing on green solutions or bio-solutions for the traditional petrochemicals. There is increasing need in the market to find greener alternatives.

Therefore we have assembled an green portfolio of chemicals to serve our customers need or future need. Most chemicals are based on vegetables raw materials as sugarcane and rapeseed instead of crude oil

We are motivating our clients to consider the change to these greener solutions where already possible in the production chain. Our current portfolio consists the following bio-solvents:

Bio Ethyl acetate

Bio Ethanol

Bio N-butanol

Bio Mono propylene glycol

Bio Glycerine 

Our company is also active in promoting recovered solvents to reduce carbon footprint. We are able to offer an consistent stream of the following recovered solvents:

Methylene chloride min 99,5%

Thinner recovered

Cyclohexanone min 99 %

Methyl acetate / methanol

DIVISIONS: green chemicals
Bio based chemicals for fields
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