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Oilfield and gas chemicals 

Rebain International NL, a distinguished entity in the chemical industry, has carved a niche for itself through its dedicated Oilfield and Drilling Division. This division is particularly renowned for supplying a wide array of chemicals, primarily solvents that cater to the nuanced needs of the oil and gas sector. Among its standout offerings are Triethylene Glycol, Refinery Grade Perchloroethylene, Monoethanolamine, and Mono Propylene Glycol.


These chemicals are pivotal in a range of applications, from dehydration processes to the refining and extraction stages, underscoring Rebain International's commitment to supporting the operational efficiency and sustainability of the oil and gas industry.

Triethylene Glycol is a workhorse in the dehydration of natural gas, crucial for preventing pipeline corrosion and ensuring the safe transportation of gas. Refinery Grade Perchloroethylene stands out for its role in solvent extraction processes, offering a high degree of purity and effectiveness in separating components.

Through its Oilfield and Drilling Division, Rebain International NL demonstrates a profound understanding of the chemical needs of the oil and gas industry. Its commitment to quality, coupled with a robust product portfolio, positions the company as a key partner in the sector, driving forward the efficiency and sustainability of oil and gas operations worldwide. This strategic focus not only enhances the company's market presence but also reinforces its contribution to the industry's evolving landscape.

The chemicals we are offering for the oil-gas field industry are: 

Monoethanolamine (MEA)

Triethylene glycol (TEG)

Mono ethylene glycol (MEG)

Diethylene glycol (DEG)

Mono propylene glycol (MPG)

Perchloroethylene refinery grade / catalyst grade

Butyl glycol - EB - Glycol Ether EB (BG)

Biocides (THPC 80%)


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