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Partnership Rebain International and Nedmag!

Rebain International NL and Nedmag continue to collaborate successfully together. Rebain has been selling Nedmag products for more than 10 years in the Jordanian market. Nedmags products stands for quality and consistency which are being valued by the end-users. The products we are referring to are 

Calcium Chloride prills and Magnesium chloride.

Nedmag is a company who specializes in a high purity of magnesium salt. This company has its roots in The Netherlands, in which one location is a mining location. This location is the place where the extraction of magnesium salt occurs. The next location is a production site, in which the products Dead Burned Magnesia (DBM), Calcium Chloride, and Magnesium Hydroxide are developed.

The products that Nedmag produces are applicable in various industries. Some examples of industries are in food, medical, and cosmetics.

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