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How to protect your industrial pipeline’s and systems from freezing?

How to protect your industrial pipeline’s and systems from freezing?

As the cold winter enters Europe, the temperature is playing a bigger role in the performance of your industrial pipelines and systems. Protecting it from freezing is essential for continuous performance during the winter period. The solutions for preventing freezing lies in the proper use of the following two glycols: Mono Ethylene Glycol (MEG) and Mono Propylene Glycol (MPG). Rebain International NL is a reliable supplier of these glycols in various packaging : Roadtank (bulk), 1000 liters IBC’s, 200L drums and 20L polycans. it is important that your system operates with its highest productivity and efficiency. Even with the freezing season it should not be any difference. Together with our clients Rebain can be part of allowing your industrial system function to its fullest.

What are industrial coolants / heat transfer fluids exactly?

Industrial coolants are fluids that are meant to regulate temperature and to prevent freezing. Some other terms being used for coolants are antifreeze liquid. Heat transfer fluids do the opposite. The idea is to take heat from the machine/engine and distribute it through. Most of the coolants or heat transfer fluids are a mix of Mono Propylene Glycol and Mono Ethylene Glycol mixed with water and inhibitors/additives. When they are diluted we refer to them as industrial coolants. The inhibitors are meant to prevent rust and abrasion. The coolants / heat transfer fluids can withstand high and low temperature due to their characteristics.

The process of using coolants

By using a coolant, in which MPG and MEG are used, the heat from the engine is transported towards the radiator, in which a cooling occurs through an air flow. During this process, the coolant, absorbs the heat, in which it will always holds it’s true substance. The MPG and MEG has a positive effect on multiple elements. This product is an effective heat dissipation. In addition, during the freezing season it prevents ice formation and helps against corrosion. Last but not least, it prevents from cavitation as well as erosion.

Either MPG or MEG?

The two different types of products that we offer are Mono Ethylene Glycol (MEG), which is also known as Ethylene Glycol, and Mono Propylene Glycol (MPG), which is also identified as Propylene Glycol. Both have their strengths. The product MEG that is used in antifreeze products is applicable in the technical sector, in which it is used mostly for the higher cool and/or heat capacity. This ensures an enhanced cooling and/or heating process. For MEG it is possible to have a working temperature between -33°C and 180°C. The product MPG is commonly used in the food industry due to that the damage for consuming is less than MEG. This enables that MPG is used with a working temperature between -20°C and 65°C.

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