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N-hexane 45

Aromatics & Hydrocarbons

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N-hexane 45 is being used in the extraction of oil from oil seeds and essential oil for perfume. Its also an known solvent for the adhesives industry / applications . N-hexane 45 is an aliphatic C6 hydrocarbon solvent. It offers a boiling range between 65 - 69°C.
We are offering n-hexane in 135kgs netweight drums and isotanks.

N-Hexane 45 is a highly refined form of hexane, a potent solvent predominantly used in industrial applications. It serves as an excellent non-polar solvent due to its high purity and low reactivity. Its primary uses include extraction in food industries, notably for edible oil processing. Furthermore, it finds utility in adhesive formulations and textile manufacturing, often used to clean and degrease. It's also vital in laboratory settings as a versatile solvent in organic reactions and chromatography. Despite its utility, n-Hexane 45 must be handled with care due to its highly flammable nature and potential neurotoxic effects from prolonged exposure.


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SOLANE HEXANE / Mixed hexane grade suitable for most extraction processes /



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