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Rebain has specialized in offering car care products and engine coolants/antifreeze. Our wide range of auto care products with modern filling technology and production operations ensure complete services for our customers worldwide.

The products we are commercializing under our own label and private label are:


RB car care products


RB Brake Cleaner

RB Dashboard Polisher

RB Interior and Textile cleaner

RB Adhesive Chain Lubricant                     

RB Wheel black

RB Foamy glass cleaner

RB Glass ice remover

RB Sanitizer spray air conditioners         

RB Spray motor wash 



RB engine coolants / antifreezes

RB G11

RB G12+
RB G13


Chemical product for automotive industrie
DIVISIONS: automotive

Dry cleaning chemicals

Our dry cleaning division is focused on serving our 

customers in the dry cleaning industry. In this fast-changing industry we are continuously working on improving our service and products to maintain our business. 

Our solvents has been approved for usage by various manufacturers of professional dry cleaning machines like Union, BÖWE Textile Cleaning and Renzacci S.p.A.

We are commercializing the following two dry cleaning 


Perchloroethylene 99,9% (Tetrachloroethene, PCE)​

Our PCE dry cleaning grade is being used in PERC cleaing machines worldwide. We are able to offer this 

product in bulk, 300kgs, 330kgs drums and 25kgs polycans. Labelling can be done according to specific 

customers requirements.

Hydrocarbon solvent dry cleaning grade

Rebain is also commercializing an hydrocarbon solvent dry cleaning grade suitable for the hydrocarbons machinery. Being easily biodegradable (> 80% according to OECD 301F method), its solvency power enable to dissolve all organic content, such as food, oil and greases, paints, stains. 

Furthermore we are commercializing the following list of 

chemicals for the dry cleaning industry:

Acetic acid 80 % textile grade

Citric acid

Formic acid

Hydrogen peroxide

DIVISIONS: dry cleaning chemicals
Shirts waiting for chemical dry cleaning

Bio-based chemicals

This division is focusing on green solutions or bio-solutions for the traditional petrochemicals. There is increasing need in the market to find greener alternatives.

Therefore we have assembled an green portfolio of chemicals to serve our customers need or future need. Most chemicals are based on vegetables raw materials as sugarcane and rapeseed instead of crude oil

We are motivating our clients to consider the change to these greener solutions where already possible in the production chain. Our current portfolio consists the following bio-solvents:

Bio Ethyl acetate

Bio Ethanol

Bio N-butanol

Bio Mono propylene glycol

Bio Glycerine 

Our company is also active in promoting recovered solvents to reduce carbon footprint. We are able to offer an consistent stream of the following recovered solvents:

Methylene chloride min 99,5%

Thinner recovered

Cyclohexanone min 99 %

Methyl acetate / methanol

DIVISIONS: green chemicals
Bio based chemicals for fields

Printing chemicals

Our printing chemicals division is focusing on customs made solutions for customers in the printing/coatings industry. Together with our partners we are able to facilitate specific blends of solvents or toll-manufacturing. Over the years Rebain has gained the know-how and network to be able to offer formulas for the printing industry. Our traditional role as a solvents supplier allows us to purchase the raw material at an competitive rate.


Our products consists the following:

- Tailor-made solvents blends based on Ethanol, Isopropyl alcohol and Ethyl acetate.

- Solvents based washes

- Printing Additives 

Printer with chemical fabrcated ink
DIVISIONS: Printing chemicals
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