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Marine chemicals 

Rebain International NL is making waves in the marine chemicals sector through its specialized division dedicated to offering high-quality solvents. This strategic business unit is tailored to meet the unique needs of the marine industry, focusing on providing essential chemicals for a range of critical applications. The division's portfolio includes solvents that are integral for the production of end-products used in tank cleaning, maintenance, and combating scale and rust.

For ship owners, operators, and maintenance providers, Rebain International NL's marine chemicals division represents a reliable source of high-performance solvents


These chemicals are pivotal in a range of applications, from dehydration processes to the refining and extraction stages, underscoring Rebain International's commitment to supporting the operational efficiency and sustainability of the oil and gas industry.

The solvents we are offering for the marine industry are: 


Ethyl acetate

Methyl ethyl ketone



Methylene chloride 

D40 - Dearomatized hydrocarbon 

White spirit regular grade


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